Australian Playboy aka “The Candyman” is taking over social media

Dan Bilzerian and Travers Beynon are the modern-day Hugh Hefners. Dan Bilzerian, better known as the Instagram King is a 37-year old professional gambler and a social media celebrity. Most people know Bilzerian for his lavish lifestyle and his millionaire playboy image.

Now a new Dan Bilzerian is popping up and his name is Travers Beynon aka the Australian “Candyman”. He is a tobacco tycoon who is well known for his hedonism. Travers often spams people’s Instagram feeds with photos of his lavish parties and naked women. Beynon owns a business called FREECHOICE which is the leading tobacco franchise in Australia. He is also the owner of the Candy Shop Mansion.  

Travers Beynon was born in March 1972 in Melbourne, Australia. He was an Aussie Rules football player and started his career of at Southport Sharks Football Club on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, due to a back injury he had to end his career.  The next step for him after ending his football career was modeling. He was a model for some big brands like Moschino, Calvin Klein, Levis Jeans, Valentino and Paul Smith. He even shot for Versace in Milan.

It’s said that Baynon has a net worth of $200 million. He has a big collection of cars that includes some Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Beynon also owns ‘The Candyman Mansion’ which is worth somewhere around £3 million. It is a luxury estate which has 16 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a gold-plated swimming pool, a cinema, and a walk-in wardrobe. In the mansion Beynon often throws lavish parties with lots of beautiful women.

But, underneath all those “girlfriends” it turns out that Beynon is a married man with four kids. “During the day it’s just a normal family home, it’s late at night in the bedroom that the lingerie comes out” says Beynon.

Beynon’s wife is a former Australian body sculpting and two-time Australian Best Body champion, Taesha Bundalo. In 2007 and 2008 she won the titles of Australian Best Body Champion from the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. After moving to Gold Coast she stopped bodybuilding. Taesha is Beynons second wife. His first wife was Ninibeth Leal also known as Miss World Venezuela. With her, Beynon has two children of whom he got sole custody after his divorce with Ninibeth.

Taesha says that Beynon took her out to McDonald’s for their first date. She say’s he probably did that because he likes to stay unpredictable.

“He has other girls besides me. Sometimes they live in our house for a few weeks and then move on. Go to his social media pages and you will see a lot of girls who are throwing themselves at him. I don’t mind that, after all I’m the one who is married to him. He has many girlfriends but only one wife!” Says Taesha and continues on to say “We would like to have more children. I love being a mother.”

Next to Taesha, Beynon has a girlfriend. Her name is Nisha Downes, she’s a permanent addition in the Beynon mansion. Ofcourse next to those two there are a lot more women in Beynons’ life. Naisha gets along well with his wife Taesha. They consider themselves more like best friends than rivals. Taesha knows that Beynon has girlfriends and she doesn’s mind it at all. She says her husband sleeps with four women everynight and she is totally okay with that.

On Traver Beynon’s Instagram you can have a full look into his lavish playboy life. Most of the pictures he posts are of him in bed or partying with naked women, but sometimes also posts pictures with his kids. Either way, Beynon is clearly living the dream.

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