Contemporary fiction is a generous term, allowing for a breadth of approaches towards plot, voice and theme. Its unifying thread is that of the modern age, often taken as post-war. Think of it as occupying the space between historical fiction and futuristic fantasy, but with borders that flex and expand.

Here at BritFic, you’ll find some of the best voices in British and Irish contemporary fiction. You can listen in on discussions, join in debates, and have a look behind the scenes of our writing. We love talking to book groups, so do feel free to ask questions, or see which of us live near enough for a visit.

Most of all, enjoy the books, because that’s what we’re about, after all!


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Our authors:

Adrian Harvey

Alex Shaw

Ali Knight

Alice May

Anne Allen

Cassandra Parkin

Chantelle Atkins

Christina Philippou

Debbie Rix

Deirdre Quiery

Elaine Chissick

Eva Holland

Faith Mortimer

Jackie Buxton

Jane Turley

Jaq Hazell

Jared A. Carnie

Jennifer Gilmour

Jessica Norrie

Jon Teckman

K A Hitchins

Kathryn Freeman

Laura Wake

Louise Douglas

Margot McCuaig

Nadine Matheson

Renita D’Silva

Ruth F Hunt

Sarah Jasmon

Toni Jenkins