Launch giveaway!

Welcome to our website on launch day!


Our launch party is kicking off on Facebook, with discussions, live chats and giveaways, but we also have a giveaway for our website followers.


For a chance to win a  paperback copy of Ties That Bind by Elaine Chissick and an e-book copy of Daughters of the Silk Road by Debbie Rix, please follow our website by email or WordPress.


Have a lovely weekend!


The giveaway is international and closes at midnight on Sunday 17 April GMT+1. The winner will be chosen at random.


One thought on “Launch giveaway!

  1. *waves hallo!*

    I came across this lovely new #BritFic blog whilst checking on my followers via as a few new readers found me via my landing page! It was a happy accident because it’s led me to your new blog which celebrates British Lit & the writers who stir my imagination with their worlds! I love reading authors from Britain and look forward to your posts! Honestly you can never have enough book recommendations and I’m here celebrating w/ you!

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