Australian Playboy aka “The Candyman” is taking over social media

Dan Bilzerian and Travers Beynon are the modern-day Hugh Hefners. Dan Bilzerian, better known as the Instagram King is a 37-year old professional gambler and a social media celebrity. Most people know Bilzerian for his lavish lifestyle and his millionaire playboy image. Now a new Dan Bilzerian is popping up and his name is Travers […]

3 strategic ways to achieve your goals

Achieving goals that you set can be hard. However, there are commitment strategies you can use to be more likely to reach your goal. Learn more. Goals are great — but often, the ways we achieve those goals are tedious, time-consuming, and (let’s face it) boring. Some examples: To run a marathon, you must train […]

Swiss Company to Get CO2 Out of the Atmosphere and Into Sparkling Water

You may soon be able to drink sparkling water that contains carbon dioxide captured directly from the atmosphere. Climeworks, a company that specializes in carbon-capture technology, will be applying their air filtration machines to suck up CO2 for use in the creation of sparkling water. The company partnered with Swiss beverage brand Valser, which is […]

Boy Uses His Savings To Buy A Gas Station Attendant A Bicycle

A 10-year-old boy in South Africa used his savings to purchase a bicycle for a local gas station attendant. About two months ago, Vaughn met attendant Tony while his mother, Mandy, was filling up at a gas station in KwaZulu-Natal. “Vaughn was very sick, and within moments the attendant had him laughing and smiling,” Mandy […]